Chocolate Box

My mama always said, “Life is like a box of NFT chocolates, ya never know what ya gonna mint.”

chocolate box nft


Chocolate + Giveways + NFT + Web3 Community

ChocolateBox is an innovative NFT project set to transform the chocolate industry. We provide giveaways and raffles for chocolate related products from retail brands and companies to its holders.

Imagine winning a gift card from See’s Candies, Ghirardelli, Godiva, and more!

Our vision for ChocolateBox is to build a vibrant community and utility-driven project by uniting chocolate lovers in the Web3 space to discuss anything chocolate related while rewarding ourselves with chocolate products.

Forget Blue Chip NFT projects. This is a Chocolate Chip NFT project!


There are REAL immediate perks/utiities by being part of the ChocolateBox NFT community.

This is a fun, light-hearted NFT project dedicated to rewarding our holders. We want to give you something practical — chocolates! That includes gift cards, discounts, merchandises, etc. 

No alpha call channel access, no staking, no Metaverse, no passive ETH-come (income), no utility tokens….just chocolate!


This is the main aspect of this project. We’re planning to reach out to established chocolate brands, candy companies, and online retail shops selling chocolate box subscriptions and products. NFT holders will be eligible to enter raffles for gift cards, or FREE/discounted chocolate products.

Sell or gift your friends with a ChocolateBox NFT where they can win cool chocolate-theme prizes!


Merchandise store where anyone can purchase chocolate-theme apparels or homegoods. NFT Holders will get a discount.


Portion of our minting sales will go to a non-profit chocolate-based charity. We’ll have a DAO where we vote on what chocolate non-profits we want to donate to.


Try out new chocolate/candy products before it hits mass retail market.

Imagine if Snickers, See’s Candies, Ghirardelli, and more are set to to launch a new chocolate candy line. They need new candy taste testers. Well, our goal is get select NFT holders as part their marketing campaign focus group.


It would be nice if we coud get celebrity endorsement or even a shout from M&Ms, Snickers, or The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. =)

The Collection

A random generative collection of various chocolate styles on the Ethereum blockchain. 175+ traits. Over 30+ chocolate toppings.

brown chocolate

Brown chocolate

Brown chocolate are the most common ones but also very diverse. 3 different shades of brown -- dark, caramel, and light.

White Chocolate

Not so common; not so rare. Sort of a bit oddball -- but delicious nonetheless.

gold chocolate

Gold Chocolate

The rarest of them all. This is like the golden ticket to enter exclusive raffles and giveaways.


We’re a community where you can discuss all things chocolate in the NFT space without guilt. Plus, there will be seasonal giveaways where you can win chocolate gift cards from various candy brands and retail stores!

That depends on how active the community is! The more active and vibrant, the more we will have in our collection to mint. We don’t want to be another NFT project creating 10K collections only for 10 items to be minted. Nor a too exclusive community with 100 collections amongst 100K+ fans.

White List? Not here!

We do, however, have a WCL – White Choco List, which is even better. Those on the list will be able to mint for FREE before public sales.

Mint? What’s that? Oh, you mean, “Chocolate Mint”!

It’s currently TBA depending on how popular this project becomes. We’re not too sure on how popular it will get.

After all, life is like a box of NFT chocolates. You’ll never know wen ya going to chocolate mint!

Moon? We’re going further than that — how about the Milky Way (the cholcolate candy)?

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